Played around with character creation the other day to see how my salads would look as norn! 

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Guild Wars 2 - Traits


So my friend explained the bare minimum about them and I didn’t realize that you’d have to max them out to get the best results.

My character is a level 16 Mesmer and I put 3 points in Chaos, 2 in Illusions and 1 in the vitality one or whatever that is.

So that means I already have to max out Chaos with 30, Illusions with 30 , and I have to put the other 20 in the vitality one.

I wish there was something you could do at least once to reset your trait points and put them in something else, for when you really learn later in the game how you should make your character.

My character is only level 16 so I’m extremely tempted to just delete it and start over before I invest too much time in it.

I mean, sure it’s probably not a huge deal when you only do PvE but at end-game that gets boring fast, and once you get the best armor/weapons in the game, what else is there to do but PvP? 

So if anyone could advise me and let me know if those points are fine for a mesmer in Pvp I’d really appreciate it >.>

You can reset your traits whenever you please! Just go talk to your class’ trainer, where you bought the first training manual—there’s an option there. Play around with the traits as much as you please, until you figure out something that works for you.

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Squints loudly at tumblr.

I have been “sneakily” taking screencaps with other Juggernauts around the TC.

Are there any new players lurking around the tag? I’m putting little starter packs of various useful game items together for anyone joining us as a result of the holidays, so if you’d like one, reblog with your username/message it to me!

More ambient chatter with Marjory, Kasmeer, Braham and Rox.


Lady Kasmeer Meade x Marjory Delaqua : Detective Girl friends.

Helping this ship out with more art <3. Keep me sourced please.

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Excuse me.

Plan to improve humans tenfold: PORES.